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November 17, 2012
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You were sat on Liechtenstein's lap, watching television while she brushed your hair.  Switzerland was on outside, no doubt chasing after Italy, who had run across your back yard while trying to get to Germany. The sound of your father's shotgun had woken you up, and was keeping you from going back to sleep.



Lichtenstein sighed and put the hairbrush down. She knew how long this would usually last. Switzerland had kept her up half the night once while chasing a streaking Bad Touch Trio off of his property.

"Come on, (f/n)."


"I'm going to get you some Ovomaltine."

Your eyes lit up and you nodded your head. "Okay."

You walked to the kitchen, and Lichtenstein put a pot of milk on the stove. She glanced at you. You were resting your head on the table, quite obviously exhausted. She was going to have to talk to Switzerland about his waking you up all the time.

Lichtenstein mixed a tablespoon of the brown powder into a glass of the hot milk and handed it to you. You took it gladly and thanked her. She nodded and grabbed a glass for herself, joining you at the table.

When you were both almost finished your cups, the door opened and Switzerland walked in, placing his gun down in the hall before walking over to you.

"You are still up?"

"How do you expect me not to be?"

He sighed. "I'm sorry. But Italy-"

"Big Bruder."

Switzerland looked at Lichtenstein, eyes questioning.

"Now is not the time for excuses. Just apologize to your daughter."

Switzerland stared at her, surprised. Lilli never said anything like that to him. He knew that she was telling the truth, even though he didn't want to admit it.

He sighed. "I know. I'm sorry, (f/n)."

"It's okay, Papa. But I'm really tired now. Can you put me back to sleep?"


Switzerland walked over to you holding out his hand, which you took. You were about to start walking upstairs when you remembered something.

You picked up your now empty glass and placed it in the kitchen sink. You turned around and hugged Lichtenstein. "Thank you, Aunt Lilli!"

"You're welcome, (f/n)."

With that, you walked back over to your father and walked upstairs. You reached up and opened your bedroom door, with a little help from Switzerland. You scurried in, leaping up onto your bed.

You looked at Switzerland. "Are you gonna tuck me in?"

He nodded and pulled the blankets up to your neck. "Goodnight."

"… Is that all you're gonna do? You're not even gonna sing?"

"But you never needed me to sing before!"

"Aunt Lilli usually sings me a lullaby when I need it."

He sighed, but was shocked nevertheless. Do I really miss out on so much of my daughter's life? "Okay, fine."

He took a deep breath, trying to think of the last time that he had sung to anyone. It was probably when you were barely a year old, and had woken up in the middle of the night. Lichtenstein wasn't there, so he had to make do by himself.

"De Frühlig isch au scho uf d'Berge cho,
Er het üs vom Hüttli de Schnee weg gno.
Der Gugger het gschraue, er isch so froh,
Der Mai, der Mai isch cho.

Jo ho-li ho-o-li hol-la-li-ho
Jetz cha de üses Veh scho go,
Jo ho-le-li ho-o-li hol-la-li-ho
Jetz cha denn 's Veh scho go.

Und sit er so staht i siner Pracht,
Die Chrütli, die Blüemli si au erwacht,
Die Senneri singt: I bi so froh,
Der Mai, der Mai isch cho.

Jo ho-li ho-o-li hol-la-li-ho
Jetz cha de üses Veh scho go,
Jo ho-le-li ho-o-li hol-la-li-ho
Jetz cha denn 's Veh scho go.

Do rüeft si em lustige Sennebueb,
Er johlet und juchzet de Alpe zue.
Läb wohl du Tal, das i meide soll,
I scheide recht freudevoll.

Jo ho-li ho-o-li hol-la-li-ho
Jetz cha de üses Veh scho go,
Jo ho-le-li ho-o-li hol-la-li-ho
Jetz cha denn 's Veh scho go."

You smiled sleepily. "Thank you, Papa. I love you."

Switzerland looked at you, his heart melting. "I love you too. Goodnight."
Here's the Switzerland version of 'Lullabies' for :iconeeveelover52: and :iconannamayzee:! I think that this was the longest one I've written so far, but it took the least amount of time.

1- Now Spring has come even to the mountains
And has melted the snow from the roof of the alpine hut.
The cuckoo is calling merrily,
Because May has come.
Yo ho-lee ho-o-lee hol-la-lee-ho,
Soon up to the Alps our cows can go.
Yo ho-lee ho-o-lee hol-la-lee-ho,
Soon up to the Alps our cows can go. ((This is the chorus))
And as Spring stays here in its beauty,
Herbs and flowers awake also,
The cowgirl sings "I am so happy,
Because May has come".
She calls to the merry cowherd-boy,
He sings and yodels up to the mountains,
"Farewell you valley,
I part with joy from you!"

Hetalia is not mine.
Neither are Switzerland, Lichtenstein, France, Prussia, Spain, or N. Italy.
I don't own you.
But I DO own the story.
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