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November 8, 2012
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Your Mama, Hungary, looked sternly down at you. "It's past eight o'clock. You should be in bed by now."

You looked up at her sadly. "Mama, I wanna stay up late with you!"

Hungary sighed. "Sweetie, you know that you have a bed time. And you know that you need your sleep. You're like a little crab when you stay up too late!" she said, pinching your cheeks.

You wrinkled your nose. "But Mama, why can't I stay up late with you?"

"Maybe you can when you're older. But for now, you're going to have to be happy with staying up until eight."

"B-But I'm not tired!" you said, the beginning of your sentence slurred by a loud yawn.

Hungary laughed and crouched down in front of you. "See, you're already tired!"

"No I'm not!"

Your Mama rolled her eyes and stood up again. "Listen , sweetie, if you don't sleep now, you can't watch any TV tomorrow."

You glared at her. "You wouldn't."

"You know that I will. Now, are you going to sleep now?"

"Fine, but you have to sing me a lullaby."

Hungary frowned. Since when did a six year old know how to argue like a lawyer? "… Fine."

You grinned triumphantly. Finally! While growing up, you mother had begun to sing less and less, and now she never sang, only if something traumatic had happened during the day.

You used to love when she sang for you. She would carry you up to your room, tuck you in, and sing softly until you fell asleep. The Hungarian lullabies she sang used to be your favorite thing that happened during the day.

Hungary grabbed your hand and pulled you upstairs. You tucked yourself into bed after changing into a pair of pajamas.

Your Mama sighed softly and cleared her throat.

"Este van már alkonyul,
Nyuszi füle lekonyul.
Dorombol a kiscica,
Aludj te is, kisbaba!"

You smiled tiredly. "Mama, your voice is really pretty! Can you sing some more?"

Hungary glanced at you. Really? Can I sing well? "Sure, hun."

"Tente, baba, tente,
a szemedet hunyd be.
Aludj, ingó-bingó,
kicsi rózsabimbó.
Alszik az ibolya,
csicsíja babája."

You were tired, but still wanted to see if you could weasel another song out of her before you had to sleep. "Mama… just one more? Please?"

A ghost of a smile alighted on your mother's lips. "Okay, sweetheart."

"Aki nem lép egyszerre,
nem kap rétest estére.
Mert a rétes igen jó,
katonának az való.

Nem megyünk mi messzire,
csak a világ végire.
Ott sem leszünk sokáig,
csak tizenkét óráig."

You grinned. "Köszönöm 4 , Mama." As soon as you finished those words, you fell asleep.

Hungary smiled down at you before standing up. "Szívesen, (f/n). Én is szeretlek." 5
Yay~! Two in one night! I'm on a roll!

So, anyway, here's a few lullabies sung to you by Hungary, one of my favourite characters in APH.

1- Night is just falling
The bunny's ears droop
The kitten's purring
Go to sleep you, little baby.

2- Sleep, baby, sleep,
Close your eyes.
Sleep, ingo-bingo
Little rose bud.
The violet is sleeping,
Sleep, baby.

3- Those who can't walk in step,
Won't get strudel in the evening.
For the strudel is very good,
It's for the soldiers.

We're not going too far,
Just till the fringes of the village.
We won't be there too long,
Just for twelve hours.

4- Thank you

5- You're welcome. I love you, (f/n).

Please tell me is I got any of the translations wrong.

Comments are appreciated, but not necessary.

Hetalia is not mine.
Neither is Hungary.
I don't own you.
But I DO own the story.
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